Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2 build 122 released

Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2 build 122 is now available at

This release includes the following updates and fixes:

  • Update: New option to input TXT-record data as either "One continous string" or "Individual strings". This makes it easier to enter long (+255 characters) strings - for example for DomainKeys.
  • Update: DHCP server plug-in - Reservations list - added "Options" and "Supply host name" columns, made columns sortable (click header), and made window resizable.
  • Update: Options dialog / General section: changed text "Domain name of this DNS server" to "Host name of this DNS server (FQDN)"
  • Fixed: When serving records from a local DNSSEC signed zone where the answer begins with a CNAME-record, signature records (RRSIG) were not included for all but the initial CNAME-record.
  • Fixed: DNS Records window - Reverse zone - "Edit IP-to-Name Mappings" button also shown with IPv6 reverse zones. The button was not working and was not supposed to be there in this version. Button removed for now. May add this function for IPv6 in future version.