Simple DNS Plus "Domain Blacklist" plug-in updated to support IPv6 and now open source at GitHub

The Domain Blacklist plug-in redirects DNS requests for domain names on a blacklist. For details see

This now also works with requests for IPv6 addresses (AAAA).

To use the updated plug-in, shut down Simple DNS Plus, download the "DomBlacklistPlugIn.dll" file from into the "plugins" directory under the directory where Simple DNS Plus is installed - overwriting the original file, and re-start.

The updated plug-in will be included with future releases of Simple DNS Plus (from v. 5.2 build 133).

We are also releasing the plug-in into the public domain as open source. You are most welcome to fork it or contribute code enhancements, and / or use the source code as a starting point for developing your own plug-ins.

Source code:

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