Simple DNS Plus logs in W3C Extended format

A new command line tool which converts Simple DNS Plus raw request log files (.sdraw files) into the standard W3C Extended log file format (as typically produced by IIS, Apache, and other web-servers) is now available.

Note that DNS request (and the .sdraw log files) do not contain HTTP header information such as referrers, browser info, full URLs, etc. So while you can process the resulting W3C log files with various web-log analyzer programs, this does not replace web-logs.
Rather it provides a different perspective on traffic data.
Data columns shared with web-server logs are "date", "time", "c-ip" and "cs-host". Additional "x-" columns contain more details about individual DNS requests.

Click here to download "" (35 KB)

The zip file above contains both the compiled "sdraw-w3c.exe" file as well as the C# source code (VS2008).
This is a very small and simple program so if you want to add some type of filtering (only output some requests) or build on this functionality, it is easy to do so.

The command line syntax is:
sdraw-w3c.exe <log-date> <raw-log-file> <w3c-log-file>

Raw request log files are enabled in the Simple DNS Plus Options dialog / Logging / Log Files section.

Thanks to "Fulgan" for suggesting this.